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            Provide a one-stop service from circuit board design to manufacturing.



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            Environment and welfare:

            1. The company will issue daily necessities for employees free of charge;

            2. The company has a non-profit restaurant in the factory to supply employees with a wide variety of food;

            3. Provide dormitory free of charge to employees, the accommodation environment is safe and tidy, equipped with WIFI;

            4. Many entertainment venues in the company are under construction: billiard room, table tennis room, basketball court, library and convenience store;

            5. Regularly hold various recreational activities such as prize-winning competitions to enrich employees' spare time;

            6. Regularly organize employees to travel out and expand their business, broaden their horizons and enjoy their body and mind;

            7. Sound internal training and promotion mechanism for employees, providing a broad career development channel and business skills training for every employee with dreams;

            8. Purchase social security and housing provident fund for employees to relieve your worries;

            9. Provide competitive compensation in the industry and pay generous bonuses to employees who contribute.

            Thank you for your interest in Ling Hangda, welcome to join us!