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    Taiwanese business Japanese PCB industry actively invests in 5G applications

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    The Trump administration of the United States has targeted ZTE and Huawei in China, and has separately implemented technical export controls and investigations. It has been interpreted as limiting the development of China's 5G communications, which is ahead of its time. It is obvious that Taiwanese PCB industry is actively investing in 5G applications. In the days of the Japanese business, Dongfang and Hitachi Chemicals came to Taiwan to take a step.


    The focus of Japanese business investment in Taiwan is that the raw materials on the upstream of the PCB include the CCL and fiberglass cloth industries, mainly in the high-frequency, high-speed and signal-remaining PCB raw materials required for the upgrade of the soft and hard board process, including Hitachi Chemical announced that it will invest approximately RMB 2 billion in Taiwan to establish a subsidiary in Taiwan and build high-performance laminated materials (CCL) for PCBs in the plant, mainly for 5G and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Applications such as artificial intelligence (AI).


    NITTO BOSEKI, a Japanese fiberglass manufacturer, will also publicly acquire a maximum of 35.22% of Jianrong Industry at a premium of 10% due to the development of 5G communication. For example, if Jianrong Investment, the largest corporate shareholder of Jianrong, sells 14.88% of Jianrong's equity to Ridong Textile, it will make Nisshin's shareholding in Jianrong up to 50.1%.


    PCB industry insiders pointed out that it is one thing for Nittobu to acquire more than half of the equity of Jianrong Industrial. It is important to observe whether Nitto has introduced new equipment and assisted Jianrong in the production of new materials for 5G applications, or only Jianrong It is the original production base for Japan, and the 5G application products are still produced in Japan.